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Appropriations Committee, 2005-2006

Identifier: 01-ST2005_03
Scope and Contents The Appropriations Committee records for the 2005-2006 session.� The Republican Party in Majority.� Brett Fees served as Chair and Dwight Evans served as Minority Chair.� The Vice Chair was Patrick Fleagle.� Douglas Reichley was the Secretary and Thomas Tangretti was the Minority Secretary.� The Chairs for the Subcommittee on Health and Human Services were Matthew Baker (Majority) and Michael Sturla (Minority).� The Chairs for the Subcommittee on Education were Peter Zug (Majority) and Phyllis...

Appropriations Committee, 2009-2010

Identifier: 01-ST2009_03
Scope and Contents The Appropriations Committee records for the 2009-2010 session. The Democrat Party in Majority. Dwight Evans served as Chair and Mario Civera served as Minority Chair. The Vice Chair was Dan Frankel and Gordon Denlinger served as Vice Chair (Minority). Josh Shapiro was the Secretary and Katie True was the Minority Secretary. The Chairs for the Subcommittee on Health and Human Services were Kathy Manderino (Majority) and Katie True (Minority). The Chairs for the Subcommittee on Education...

Appropriations Committee, 2011-2012

Identifier: 01-ST2011_03
Scope and Contents The 2011-2012 Appropriations Committee was chaired by Republican William Adolph with Doug Reichley serving as Vice Chair. Other majority Chairs were: Scott Petri, Subcommittee Chair on Criminal Justice; Thomas Killion, Subcommittee Chair on Economic Impact and Infrastructure; Mario Scavello, Subcommittee Chair on Education; Gordon Denlinger, Subcommittee Chair on Fiscal Policy; David Millard, Subcommittee Chair on Health and Welfare; and Mauree Gingrich, Secretary. On the Democratic side,...

Appropriations Committee, 2013-2014

Identifier: ST2013_03
Scope and Contents The records of the Appropriations Committee for 2013-2014 session, the Republicans in majority. The Chairs were William Adolph (majority) and Joseph Markosek (minority). The majority Vice Chair was Scott Petri. The majority Subcommittee Chairs were Brian Ellis (Criminal Justice), Thomas Killion (Economic Impact and Infrastructure), David Millard (Education), Gordon Denlinger (Fiscal Policy), Mauree Gingrich (Health and Welfare). The majority Secretary was Bernard O'Neill from January to...

Appropriations Committee, 2015-2016

Identifier: ST2015_03
Scope and Contents The records of the Appropriations Committee for the 2015-2016 session, the Republicans in majority. The Chairs of the Committee were William Adolph, Jr. (majority) and Joseph Markosek (minority). The Vice Chair was Mark Mustio (majority). The majority subcommittee chairs were Thomas Killion (Economic Impact and Infrastructure), David Millard (Education), Curtis Sonney (Fiscal Policy), and Karen Boback (Health and Welfare). The majority Secretary was Jeffrey Pyle.One of the...

Appropriations Committee, 2017-2018

Identifier: ST2017_03
Scope and Contents The records of the Appropriations Committee for the 2017-2018 Session, the Republicans in majority. The Chairs of the Committee were Stanley Saylor (majority) and Joseph Markosek (minority). The Vice Chairs were George Dunbar (majority) and Tim Briggs (minority). The Secretary was Jeffrey Pyle (majority) followed by Michael Peifer (majority).The Chairs of the Subcommittee on Government and Financial Oversight were Seth Grove (majority) and Tim Briggs (minority).The...

Appropriations Committee, 2019-2020

Identifier: 2021.003
Scope and Contents The records of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Appropriations Committee, the Republicans were in the majority, and the Democrats were in the minority. The Chairs of the Committee were Stanley Saylor (R) and Matthew Bradford(D). This committee focused it efforts on all bills utilizing state funds. Much of the session was occupied by the covid-19 pandemic, where many of the bills seen from March 2020 to December 2020 were based on the pandemic. Budget hearing materials are included in...

Appropriations Committee (Minority Records), 2011-2012

Identifier: 01-ST2011_03M
Scope and Contents The 2011-2012 Appropriations Committee was chaired by William F. Adolph, Jr. (R) and Joseph F. Markosek (Minority). The Vice Chair was Douglas G. Reichley (R) and Michael H. O'Brien (Minority).� The Subcommittee Chair on Criminal Justice was Scott A. Petri (R) and Jewell Williams (Minority). The Subcommittee Chair on Economic Impact and Infrastructure was Thomas H.� Killion (R) and Matthew Smith (Minority). The Subcommittee Chair on Education was Mario M. Scavello (R) and Steve Samuelson...

Basic Education Funding Commission (HB 1738), 2014

Identifier: SS2014_03
Scope and Contents This collection is in the same box as two other task forces: Homelessness and Opiate Prescription Drug Proliferation.HB 1738:An Act amending the act of March 10, 1949 (P.L.30, No.14), known as the Public School Code of 1949, providing for basic education funding commission. Members of the Commission are: Mike Vereb, Stan Saylor (Bernie O'Neill designee), Mark Longetti, Donna Oberlander, James Roebuck, Mike Sturla. Members of the Senate and Governor's Administration also in the...

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House. Federal State Relations Committee 9
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House. Conservation Committee 8
House. House of Representatives Archives 8
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House. Military and Veterans Affairs Committee 8
House. Gaming Oversight Committee 7
House. Labor and Industry Committee 5
House. Republican. Policy Committee 5
House. Commerce and Economic Development Committee 4
House. Health Committee 4
House. Human Services Committee 4
Pennsylvania Athletic Oversight Committee 4
Brandt, Kenneth, 1938-2016 3
Fineman, Herbert, 1920-2016 3
Hershey, Arthur D., 1937- 3
House. Democratic. Policy Committee 3
House. Liquor Control Committee 3
House. Office of the Chief Clerk 3
Manderino, Kathy M., 1958- 3
Mayernik, David J., 1952- 3
Pennsylvania. Department of Conservation and Natural Resources 3
Pennsylvania. Fish and Boat Commission 3
Pennsylvania. Game Commission 3
Cohen, Mark B., 1949- 2
Geist, Richard A., 1944-2019 2
Gettysburg Monuments Project 2
Hanna, Michael Kelly, Sr., 1953- 2
House. Bipartisan Management Committee 2
House. Consumer Protection Committee 2
House. Legislative Office of Research Liaison (LORL) 2
House. Republican Communications Department 2
Johnson, Denise A. 2
Knepper, James W., Jr., 1932-2016 2
Kury, Franklin L., 1936- 2
Lorence, Al 2
Oliver, Frank L., 1922-2018 2
Parker, H. Sheldon, Jr., 1938- 2
Pennsylvania. House of Representatives 2
Pennsylvania. Insurance Department 2
Pistella, Frank J., 1951- 2
Roberts, Lawrence, 1941- 2
Rubley, Carole A., 1939- 2
Ryan, Matthew J., 1932-2003 2
Vereb, Michael A., 1966- 2
Wachob, William, 1953- 2
Adolph, William "Bill" F., Jr., 1949- 1
Armstrong, Gibson C., 1967- 1
Baker, Matthew E., 1957- 1
Baldwin, Roy E., 1948- 1
Barbush, Lea 1
Bastian, Bob, 1938- 1
Battisto, Joseph W., 1931-2014 1
Bebko-Jones, Linda, 1946-2011 1
Belfanti, Robert E., Jr., 1949-2016 1
Benjamin Franklin Symposium 1
Beren, Daniel E., 1929-2014 1
Bloom, Stephen, 1961- 1
Bonfini, Marie Roseanne, Sister 1
Bowley, Curtis S., 1954- 1
Boyd, Scott W., 1958- 1
Burns, Edward F., Jr., 1931-2019 1
Cappabianca, Italo S., 1936-2001 1
Cappelli, Steven W., 1963- 1
Cassidy, Michael E., 1955- 1
Cessar, Richard J., 1928- 1
Clymer, Paul I., 1937- 1
Cohen, Lita Indzel, 1940- 1
Cole, Kenneth J., 1936- 1
Coleman, Jeffrey H., 1975- 1
Conti, Joseph, 1954- 1
Coy, Jeffrey W., 1951-2018 1
Crahalla, Jacqueline R., 1940- 1
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Dailey, Mary Ann R., 1948- 1
Dally, Craig A., 1956- 1
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