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Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, 2017-2018

Identifier: ST2017_02
Scope and Contents The records of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee from the 2017-2018 session, the Republicans in majority. Martin T. Causer served as majority Chair with Eddie Day Pashinski serving as minority Chair. The Vice Chair was Mark K. Keller (majority). The Secretary was David Zimmerman (majority). The Committee reviewed bills related to the general topics the hemp industry, requirements for dog kennels, issues around invasive species, and partial agriculture funding. The specific acts...

Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee (Minority Records), 2001-2002

Identifier: 01-ST2001_02M
Scope and Contents The records of the Democratic Minority Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee from the 2001-2002 session. The Chairs were Raymond Bunt, Jr. (Majority) and Peter J. Daley II (Minority). The Vice Chairs were Sheila Miller (Majority) and Sara Gerling Steelman (Minority). The Secretaries were Sandra J. Major (Majority) and Richard T. Grucela (Minority).

Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee (Minority Records), 2003-2004

Identifier: 01-ST2003_02M
Scope and Contents The records of the Minority Democratic Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee. Peter J. Daley II was the Minority Chair. Thomas J. Scrimenti was the Minority Vice Chair and Richard Grucela was the Minority Secretary.

Al Lorence Collection, 1972-2006

Identifier: 03-2012.005
Scope and Contents Campaign material and memorabilia collected by Mr. Lorence during his time as a staff member for the House of Representatives.

Al Lorence Collection of Campaign Materials, 1971-2004

Identifier: 2019.023
Scope and Contents One poster.

Al Lorence Collection of Campaign Materials, 1971-2004

Identifier: 03-2015.017
Scope and Contents The majority of the collection contains examples of campaign pins. The remainder of the collection is press releases and newspaper clippings.

Annual Reports

Identifier: 05 ##nuc
Scope and Contents This collection contains the annual reports of Pennsylvania non-profit organizations, committees, and other government entities submitted to the Office of the Speaker of the House. The Speakers during that time were John Perzel (2005-2006) and Dennis O'Brien (2007-2008.)

Appropriations Committee, 1979-1980

Identifier: 01-ST1979_02
Scope and Contents The Chairman of the 1979-1980 Appropriations Committee was Richard A. McClatchy, Jr (R). The Subcommittee Chairman on Health and Welfare was Walter F. DeVerter (R). The Subcommittee Chairman on Education was Kenneth E. Brandt (R). The Subcommittee Chairman on Capital Budget was Joseph R. Pitts (R). The Secretary was Carmel Sirianni (R). Some topics discussed in the 1979-1980 session were personal income taxes, public utility realty taxes, and liquid fuel taxes.

Appropriations Committee, 1981-1982

Identifier: 01-ST1981_02
Scope and Contents The records of the Appropriation Committee from the 1981-1982 session, with the Republicans in the majority. The Committee chair was Richard A. McClatchy. (Majority). Chair for the Subcommittee on Health and Welfare was Carmel A. Sirriani (Majority). Chair for the Subcommittee on Education was Harold F. Mowery Jr. (Majority). Chair for the Subcommittee on Capital Budget was Joseph C. Manmiller. The Secretary was Mary Ann Arty.

Appropriations Committee, 1983-1984

Identifier: 01-ST1983_02
Scope and Contents The records of the Appropriations Committee from the 1983-1984 session, with the Democrats in the majority. The Committee Chairs were Max Pievsky (Majority) and Richard A. McClatchy (Minority), with Vice Chair Kurt D. Zwikl (Majority). Chairs for the Subcommittee on Health and Welfare were James M. McIntyre (Majority) and Carmel Sirianni (Minority). Chairs for the Subcommittee on Education were Ralph D. Pratt (Majority) and Harold F. Mowery Jr. (Minority). Chairs for the Subcommittee on Capital...

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Child care. 3
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Correspondence. 3
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Aging--United States--Legislation. 2
Agriculture. 2
Air travel. 2
Coal mines and mining. 2
Commerce. 2
Economic development. 2
Emergency management. 2
Energy 2
Fishing. 2
Floods. 2
Hunting. 2
Identity theft--United States--Prevention. 2
Mental health. 2
Natural disasters. 2
Rape victims 2
Substance Abuse--prevention & control--United States--legislation. 2
Susquehanna River. 2
Transportation--Pennsylvania. 2
Veterans. 2
Youth and violence. 2
Acid rain 1
Adult day care centers. 1
African Americans - Pennsylvania - Philadelphia 1
Agroterrorism. 1
Airports. 1
All terrain vehicles. 1
Ambulance service. 1
Autism. 1
Autistic children--Education. 1
Bald Eagle Creek (Blair County-Clinton County, Pa.) 1
Basic education. 1
Bingo 1
Bituminous coal. 1
Black nationalism - Pennsylvania - Philadelphia 1
Blackwater Falls State Park (W. Va.) 1
Blizzards. 1
Blue Knob State Park (Pa.) 1
Bridges--Pennsylvania 1
Bridges. 1
Campaign paraphernalia 1
Camping. 1
Carte Postale 1
Cervidae 1
Charter schools. 1
Cheat River (W. Va. and Pa.) 1
Check fraud. 1
Child abuse. 1
Children. 1
Day care 1
Democratic Caucus 1
Disaster relief. 1
Distracted driving. 1
Dredging--Law and legislation 1
Earned income tax credit 1
Education, Higher--Costs 1
Education, Higher. 1
Education. 1
Electric power. 1
Emergency communication systems. 1
Emergency contraceptives 1
Erosion. 1
Export trading companies--Law and legislation--United States. 1
Fallingwater (Pa.) 1
Farmers' markets. 1
Farms. 1
Fish hatcheries 1
Flood control. 1
Food safety and technology 1
Foreclosure. 1
Foreign trade promotion. 1
Forest conservation. 1
Forest management. 1
Foster Joseph Sayers Dam (Pa.) 1
Foster children. 1
Gambling and crime 1
Gambling industry. 1
Gambling--Employees 1
Gambling--Law and legislation 1
Gambling. 1
Geriatrics--Law and legislation 1
Gifted children--Education. 1
Hardwood industry 1
Harrisburg, Pa. State Capitol. 1
Hurricane Katrina, 2005. 1
Hurricanes 1
Identity theft. 1
Intergovernmental cooperation. 1
Internet fraud. 1
Kenneth S. Halverson 1
Liquor industry. 1
Liquor stores 1
Long-term care facilities. 1
Lumber. 1
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Education Committee 27
Local Government Committee 25
Transportation Committee 24
Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee 23
Judiciary Committee 23
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Consumer Affairs Committee 22
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State Government Committee 21
Urban Affairs Committee 20
Game and Fisheries Committee 18
Professional Licensure Committee 17
Labor Relations Committee 16
Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee 15
Rules Committee 13
Tourism and Recreational Development Committee 13
Environmental Resources and Energy Committee 12
Aging and Youth Committee 11
Children and Youth Committee 11
Health and Human Services Committee 11
Health and Welfare Committee 11
Federal State Relations Committee 9
House of Representatives Archives 9
Business and Commerce Committee 8
Commerce Committee 8
Conservation Committee 8
Intergovernmental Affairs Committee 8
Military and Veterans Affairs Committee 8
Policy Committee 8
Aging and Older Adult Services 7
Gaming Oversight Committee 6
Commerce and Economic Development Committee 4
Health Committee 4
Human Services Committee 4
Labor and Industry Committee 4
Pennsylvania Athletic Oversight Committee 4
Brandt, Kenneth (1938-2016) 3
Hershey, Arthur D.,1937- 3
Manderino, Kathy M. (1958-) 3
Mayernik, David J. 3
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission 3
Pennsylvania Game Commission 3
Pennsylvania. Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources 3
Consumer Protection Committee 2
Denise Johnson 2
Dowd, Nora. 2
Fineman, Herbert (1920-2016) 2
Hanna, Michael Kelly Sr. (1953-) 2
Knepper, James W., Jr. 2
Kury, Franklin L. (1936-) 2
Liquor Control Committee 2
Lorence, Al 2
Oliver, Frank L. 2
Pennsylvania. General Assembly. House of Representatives. Bipartisan Management Committee. 2
Pennsylvania. General Assembly. House of Representatives. Office of the Chief Clerk 2
Pennsylvania. Insurance Dept. 2
Pistella, Frank (1951-) 2
Richard A. Geist 2
Roberts, Lawrence (1941-) 2
Rubley, Carole A. (1939-) 2
Ryan, Matthew J. (1932-2003) 2
Vereb, Michael 2
Wachob, William (1953-) 2
Alice S. Langtry 1
Armstrong, Gibson C. (1967-) 1
Baker, Matthew E. (1957-) 1
Baldwin, Roy E. (1948-) 1
Barbush, Lea 1
Basic Education Funding Commission (HB 1738), 2014 1
Bastian, Bob (1938-) 1
Battisto, Joseph W. 1
Bebko-Jones, Linda (1946-2011) 1
Belfanti, Robert E., Jr. 1
Beren, Daniel E. (1929-2014) 1
Bloom, Stephen 1
Bowley, Curtis S. (1954-) 1
Brian Ellis, 1969- 1
Burns, Edward F., Jr. (1931-) 1
Business and Economic Development Committee 1
Camille "Bud" George, 1927-2017 1
Cappabianca, Italo S. (1936-2001) 1
Cappelli, Steven W. (1963-) 1
Cassidy, Michael E. 1
Cessar, Richard J. 1
Civil Air Patrol (U.S.) 1
Clymer, Paul Irvin 1
Cohen, Lita Indzel 1
Cohen, Mark B. (1949-) 1
Cole, Kenneth J. 1
Coleman, Jeff 1
Commission on Postsecondary Education for the 21st Century (HR 169) 1
Commission on the Future of Transportation Entities (CFTE) 1
Commission on the Future of the Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg International Airports 1
Connie Maine 1
Conti, Joseph (1954-) 1
Dailey, Mary Ann R. (1948-) 1
Dally, Craig A. 1
Democratic Caucus 1
Dick L. Hess 1
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