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03. Personal Papers

 Record Group
Identifier: 03

Found in 211 Collections and/or Records:

Photographic Collection of Harvey McClure, 1963-1964

Identifier: 03-2004.014
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of two photographs: bill signing ceremony for House Bill 27 of 1963-1964 and a panoramic photograph of the Members of the House of Representatives on the Floor of the House in 1963. House Bill 27 of 1963-1964 made an appropriation to the Department of Commerce for the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority.� The Panoramic photograph is oversized and is housed with other oversized material.

Dates: 1963 - 1964; Acquisition: 01/12/2005

Photographic Collection of W. Mack Guthrie, 1943-1962

Identifier: 03-2004.010
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of two photographs of W. Mack Guthrie's service to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The first photograph is of Mr. Guthrie on the Floor of the House and the second is of Mr. Guthrie with Speaker W. Stuart Helm who served from 1941-1964 and S. Edward Moore, the Parliamentarian who served from 1935-1964 and 1967-1968.

Dates: 1943 - 1962; Acquisition: 02/05/2005

Photographs of Arthur Woolsey, 1915-1978

Identifier: 03-2004.011
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of four folders of photographs: ranging from a photograph of G. Milton Alcorn, a republican Representative from Clearfield County who served during the 1915-1916 session, a staff photo, photographs of the Bicentennial Celebration in Philadelphia in 1976 and a bill signing ceremony for Native Amercan Day in Pennsylvania.

Dates: 1915 - 1978; Acquisition: June 7, 2004

Reizdan Moore Collection, 1973-2010

Identifier: 2019.005
Scope and Contents

The bulk of this collection is a sampling of session records kept by Moore in 2009. The collection also has records of disciplinary actions in the House, correspondence relating to appointments, and some memorabilia items such as House Rules books.

Dates: 2019-03-26

Roger Nick Collection on Matthew J. Ryan, 1987-2003

Identifier: 03-2009.004
Scope and Contents

The items in this collection were gathered by Roger Nick when he was Chief of Staff for Representative Matthew J. Ryan between 1985 and 2003. The majority of the collection, however, is material related to the death of Ryan (funeral, memorials, etc.). There is a large collection of photographs covering the topics of swearing-in ceremonies, Republican Leadership, and posed portraits. A small group of objects is also contained in the collection.

Dates: 1987 - 2003; Other: Majority of material found within 1995 - 2003

Sharon Engdahl Collection, 1989-2012

Identifier: 03-2013.012
Scope and Contents This collection contains the records of Sharon Engdahl, a Legislative Researcher from the years 1989 to 2012. Most of Engdahl's research included the topics of Mental Health including discrimination because of Mental Health or illness, parity and insurance coverage. While Engdahl focused most of her research on Mental Health in Pennsylvania, she also practiced comparative research by compiling data and other materials from other states. In addition to research, Engdahl's records contain...
Dates: 1989 - 2012; Other: Majority of material found in 1996-2011; Acquisition: 08/12/2013

Speaker Gavels

Identifier: 2014.033
Scope and Contents

The Speaker Gavel Collection is from Margaret Doebler of the Parliamentarian's Office. Gavels are from Samuel H. Smith, and Mike Turzai in various sizes.

Dates: 1987 - 2020

Special Select Committee for Selecting the Official Pennsylvania State Song (unofficial), 1985-1995

Identifier: 03-2011.011
Scope and Contents As Chairman of the State Government Committee, Frank Oliver spearheaded the movement to adopt an official state song for Pennsylvania. During the 1987-1988 session, he headed a Special Select Committee to do just that. This committee was not an official select committee of the House, not being formed by legislation. It was more of an "ad hoc" committee including members of the general public.Representative Oliver served as Chair of this special committee. Representing the...
Dates: 1985 - 1995; Majority of material found in 1987-1989; Acquisition: 09/12/2011

Ted Mazia Collection, 1995-2005

Identifier: 2018.018
Dates: 1995 - 2005; Acquisition: 2018-10-15

Thomas J. Usiadek Collection, 1965-2011

Identifier: 03-2016.005
Scope and Contents

This collection includes materials primarily from Tom Usiadek's time as Executive Director for the House of Representatives Transportation Committee. Researchers interested in the role of an Executive Director of a House committee will find this collection useful. This collection will also be useful for researchers interested in laws relating to transportation, particularly topics such as the Motor Vehicle Code, vehicle registration, and vehicle weight limits.

Dates: 1965 - 2011; Majority of material found within 1970 - 1990; Acquisition: April 3, 2017