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02. Special/Select Committees and Task Forces

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Identifier: 02

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Subcommittee on Higher Education (HR 128)

Identifier: 02-SS1997_02
Scope and Contents The Subcommittee was formed to study the fifteen community colleges that exist within the Commonwealth. The study was to include an evaluation of the present funding system to determine whether it is adequate and sufficient to meet current and future needs of the community college system and include an assessment of the current fiscal relationship between local sponsors and the colleges. The study addressed issues of community college outreach, access, participation, and student success to...

Subcommittee on Higher Education (HR 379)

Identifier: 02-SS1997_06
Scope and Contents On March 18, 1998 House Resolution 379 was referred to the House Rules Committee. It was introduced by Representatives Druce, Stairs, Cowell, Lynch, Masland, Fichter, McCall, Waugh, Herman, Hennessey, Battisto, Pippy, Saylor, Vance, Melio, Geist, Nailor, Staback, Dent, Schroder, Kaiser, Youngblood, Olasz, Rubley, Pesci, Maitland, Shaner, Colafella, Hershey, McNaughton, Trello, Miller, Argall, Browne, Schuler, Laughlin, M. Cohen, Dally, E.Z. Taylor, Orie, Seyfert, Benninghoff, and Wilt. HR379...

Subcommittee to Investigate and Search for Solutions of Child Abuse Deaths (HR 127)

Identifier: 02-SS1997_01
Scope and Contents House Resolution 127 resolved that the Subcommittee should report its findings together with its recommendations for remedial legislation or other appropriate action at the earliest practical date to the Committee on Aging and Youth and to the entire House. The Subcommittee held four informational meetings and a round-table discussion in Harrisburg, and interviewed 19 witnesses from a variety of agencies such as the Department of Public Welfare, Child Abuse Prevention Committee of Central...

Subcommittee to Investigate School Violence in the Philadelphia Public Schools (HR 303)

Identifier: 02-SS1999_05
Scope and Contents The Subcommittee interviewed nearly 250 witnesses and conducted seven public hearings between January and September 2000. The first two public hearings concentrated on testimony from students and teachers who were assaulted by violent or harassed by disruptive students. Testimony was also heard from principals; school district employees; the State Attorney General, Michael Fisher; representatives of the Juvenile Justice System; the Department of Probation; and the Philadelphia City Council...

Sunset Leadership Committee and Sunset Review

Identifier: 02-SS1991_05
Scope and Contents In 1983, the Sunset Review Committee included, Speaker Ryan, Majority Floor Leader Hayes and Minority Floor Leader Irvis, President pro tempore Hager, as well as and Senators Bell and Stapleton. In 1985, the committee was made up of Speaker Irvis, Majority Floor Leader Manderino, Minority Floor Leader Ryan, Whip Hayes, and, President Pro Tempore Hager, as well as Senators Jubelirer and Ross. In 1987, the committee was Speaker Irvis, Majority Floor Leader Manderino, Minority Floor Leader Ryan,...

Task Force on Higher Education Funding (HR 352)

Identifier: 02-SS1993_04
Scope and Contents The Task Force met during the 1993-1994 Session. The work of the Task Force included five meetings of the entire members and several additional meetings conducted by four subcommittees of the Task Force. The Speaker appointed Representative Cowell to chair the Task Force. Due to the large size of the Task Force it was divided into four subcommittees with various Co-Chairs. Representative Jim Roebuck, Jr. and Dr. Peter Likins were the Co-Chairs of Committee #1; Dr. Dennis O’Connor and...

Task Force on Opiate Prescription Drug Proliferation (HR 659), 2014

Identifier: SS2014_02
Scope and Contents This collection is in the same box as other Task Forces from the 2013-2014 sesstion.

HR 659 members are: Doyle Heffley, Joe Hackett, Marty Flynn, and Pam Snyder in addtion to members of the Joint State Government Commission. The collection contains correspondence about the task force and the reports from the committee

Task Force on Property Valuation and Reassessment (HR 343 and 344), 2012

Identifier: SS2012_01
Scope and Contents HR 343: Members included: Chris Ross, Steve Santarsiero, Jesse White, Rick Saccone in addition to members of the community that deal with real estate and assessement of property.

HR 344: Members included: Thomas Creighton, Robert L. Freeman, Kerry A. Benninghoff, Phyllis Mundy, Jerry Knowles, Brandon Neuman and members of the community that deal with PA state tax equalization, Department of Revenue,and assessment of property.

Task Force to Study Commonwealth-Owned Lands pursuant to House Resolution 49

Identifier: 02-SS2001_04
Scope and Contents The Task Force began their work in early 2002 meeting with specialists in the forestry and conservation industries. The bulk of this collection includes materials generated from these meetings and hearings, either public or informational. Following are descriptions of these meetings and hearings. During the March 12, 2002 informational meeting, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) State Forester, James R. Grace, Ph.D., provided an overview of Pennsylvania’s...

Task Force to Study Export Trade pursuant to House Resolution 150, 1983-1984

Identifier: 02-SS1983_04
Scope and Contents This collection consists of organizational materials, testimony from three public hearings, research reports and the final report of the Task Force.