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02. Special/Select Committees and Task Forces

 Record Group
Identifier: 02

Found in 83 Collections and/or Records:

Special Committee on the Impact of the Divestiture of AT&T (HR 190)

Identifier: 02-SS1983_06
Scope and Contents The scope of this collection is the study of the effects of the Divestiture of AT&T and its Pennsylvania Consumers.

Special Committee on Weather-Related Problems pursuant to House Resolution 275

Identifier: 02-SS1995_03
Scope and Contents Public hearings were held in Williamsport and Charleroi, PA, where testimony was heard from experts on weather issues, private citizens, and emergency personnel. Written testimony was also submitted from various state and federal agencies. Specific issues addressed through correspondence include: flooding along Bald Eagle Creek in Clinton County, PA in relation to Foster Joseph Sayers Dam and Reservoir; flood control procedures in the Susquehanna River Basin; and flooding of the Cheat River...

Special Committee to Examine Matters Related to the Nuclear Accident at Three Mile Island, HR 48, 1979-1980

Identifier: 02-SS1979_01
Scope and Contents The Special Committee to Examine Matters Related to the Nuclear Accident at Three Mile Island pursuant to House Resolution 48 is an outstanding resource for researchers interested in the Three Mile Island (TMI) Accident, nuclear energy, emergency planning, and recovery from disaster.� The Special Committee held public hearings and meetings in an attempt to better understand mistakes and successes during the accident as well as during the recovery process.� These hearing, public...

Special Committee to Investigate Bureau of Aviation (HR 259)

Identifier: 02-SS1983_16
Scope and Contents This collection contains public hearings on House Resolution 259 and House Bill 2550, meetings regarding the Investigation of the Bureau of Aviation,� audits of the Bureau of Aviation, statistical reports, improvement plans and Final Report drafts for the Bureau of Aviation.

Special Committee to Investigate Food and Cheese Distribution (HR 56 & 130), 1983-1984

Identifier: 02-SS1983_01
Scope and Contents Much of the work conducted by the Committee, which was chaired by Representative Italo Cappabianca (D), focused on investigations into the distribution of cheese and other Federal commodities by the Department of Agriculture. An interim report filed by Representative Cappabianca on behalf of the committee concluded that the Department violated the law and public policy by failing to award warehouse contracts to the lowest responsible bidder. The select committee further felt that the...

Special Committee to Investigate Industrial Plant Closings (HR 252)

Identifier: 02-SS1983_13
Scope and Contents The scope of this investigation were factors that affect Pennsylvania business' and business climates and relating it to industrial plant closings.

Special Committee to Investigate the Pennsylvania State Police (HR 207)

Identifier: 02-SS1985_12
Scope and Contents Throughout the spring of 1986, the committee concentrated on interviewing former and present members of all ranks of the Pennsylvania State Police force.� Citizens of the Commonwealth were also heard from during public hearings and private interviews.� In addition to the information obtained during the seven public hearings that were held, the committee subpoenaed thousands of pages of documents from the State Police.On November 25, 1986, the Committee presented its Final Report to...

Special Committee to Study Problems of Chronic Homeless (HR 249)

Identifier: 02-SS1983_12
Scope and Contents The scope of this study were individuals who are "homeless" and suffer without permenant shelter and who are without adequate means of support.

Special Investigative Lottery Fund Task Force (HR 238)

Identifier: 02-SS1983_10
Scope and Contents The Members appointed to the 1983-1984 Special Investigative Lottery Fund Task Force (HR 238) were led by Gerard A. Kosinski (D), Chairman. Other members included Jeffery W. Coy (D), David W. Sweet (D), Walter F. DeVerter (R), and Harold F. Mowry, Jr. (R). A total of five public hearings were held by the Task Force, however the first hearing was only to appoint the two staff members, Diana Sacks as General Counsel and Steven Zemenick as the Research Assistant. During other hearings, the Members...

Subcommittee for Veterans Cemetery Site Selection (HR 30)

Identifier: 02-SS1999_03
Scope and Contents The Final Report is among these records, as well as numerous cemetery site proposals with their corresponding maps. In the Subcommittee’s Final Report is the Subcommittees recommendation that the Morgan Farm property, in Washington County, would be the best suitable site for a veteran’s cemetery in western Pennsylvania.