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Unsuccessful House Candidates

 Item — Binder: 2

Scope and Contents

This binder contains unsuccessful House candidates: Amuso, Aumiller, Baer, Cruel, Deller, Dietz, Dolfman, Ely, Fowler, Goldsmith, Jackson, Kanenson, Kaplan, Kirschner, Koreck, Maruca, R. Miller, Mummert, Allen, Armbruster, Bach, Beichner, Betta, Black, Braun, Byers, Brutzman, Hammer, Knight, Krebs, Lewis, Lonergan, W. Martin, Patrinos, Polsky, Pyne, Robbins, Scahill, Schnatterly, Shipley, Houk, Tarka, Thomas, Washington, Weller, Wingert, Wolfe, Braun, Bugaile, Fielding, Iannelli, Jackson, Minkoff, Offstein, Alexander, Elnutski, Mease, Bittle, Feigles, Finkenbinder, Neely, Thomas, Welty, Derrick, P. Jones, Moul, Hass, Wolf. Items include pins, stickers, ballons, flyers, matchbooks, cards, combs, nailfiles, and pencils.


  • 1887 - 2019
  • 1887 - 2019


From the Collection: 8.5 items (Campaign memorabilia is housed in acid free binders with sleeves containing pins and other ephemera. Two boxes contain larger items such as glassware, bottles, and bobble-heads. One half-box contains paper materials. )