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1995 and 1996 Outstanding CPA in Government Award Nominations

 Digital Record
Identifier: a0a13d77-dfde-4d2d-9e63-5b567050a894

2002 House Campaign

 Digital Record
Identifier: 0f267690-7c7a-4500-afc6-1c55ebfdbcc7

A Michlovic bumper sticker.

 Digital Record
Identifier: 3667222a-c836-4cd7-8340-0b3f5c671952

A Prepaid Pharmacy Program in Pennsylvania

 Digital Record
Identifier: 1b62824c-d508-402e-890f-ac16d329f9ca

A special Mother's Day card

 Digital Record
Identifier: 272dbef6-4ecb-496b-9eaf-f5c3d942f7f1

Acts and Laws pertaining to the Turnpike

 Digital Record
Identifier: b43d3108-72e8-45d7-a3cf-83fb4c76401e

Additional Appendix 31: General State Authority Motorola

 Digital Record
Identifier: 8ab163d6-a648-46ee-b0f3-7467a6a6e8f7

Additional Appendix 32 (original): J.B. Martin Motors

 Digital Record
Identifier: ff0689bd-5790-477a-a59f-9a97648e22f9

Administration, Office of, Frank Beal, Secretary

 Digital Record
Identifier: 654c840b-17e0-4aa6-aab0-00757a44c7b4

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